Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy—Which Is It?

It isn’t news to photographers that even on sunny days, the weather can be very changeable. But when you are on one of the world‘s most treasured landscapes, Cape Cod National Seashore, it offers an opportunity like no other. From sandstorm to rain to sunshine, and then the different combinations and subtleties that presented themselves in a few short hours—the challange was on.

Finding Our Way

Eat on the Fly

The Meeting

A Gathering Storm

The day reminded me of a poem by Eli Siegel from his book of poetry, Hail, American Development (Definition Press):

Contemporary History
Are waiting
So that you
(Or anyone)
Can get
Into them.

© 1968 Eli Siegel

We all can be changeable like the weather and days like these can help us see it with form enabling us to understand ourselves and other people better.

For more photos of the shoot, see Galleries, & Beyond, Cape Cod National Seashore

3 Responses to “Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy—Which Is It?”

  1. Carol Driscoll Says:

    I like the photos and Eli Siegel’s poem which comments with straightforward simplicity and charm on your photos and, as you point out, the self of every person. Congratulations and looking forward to new posts! Carol

  2. Great pictures! I like the way foreground and background, the near and far meet in the picture: The Meeting.

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