NYC in the Fall

Nothing beats NYC in the Fall. It was made for it. Cool & warm, light & dark, seriousness & gaiety come together in dramatic and wonderful ways. Here are just a few photos that show off this great time. For more photos check out my web-site NYC in the Fall

Central Park Dusk

Cajun Time

On the Sidewalks of New York

10 Responses to “NYC in the Fall”

  1. I’ve never seen the view from the first photo. I didn’t know New York can look this way 🙂 Whenever I heard about New York I always imagined high buildings and that one, from the first picture looks almost like a Medieval castle!

    • Thank you Alexandra. I didn’t know NY could look this way either until I met this view, and I was thrilled I did. A maxim by Eli Siegel, from his book “Damned Welcome, Aesthetic Realism Maxims” is very much to the point here: # 323 “The unknown is coming ’round the block.”

  2. Carol Driscoll Says:

    I love your photographs! Keep on seeing and shooting! Carol

  3. Super, great nature, landscape, architecture and people photographs – all around grand photos of NY !

  4. Grace A. Villamora Says:

    Great shots. Very insightful and exciting.

    Grace A. Villamora

  5. The curving tree trunk in the Central Park Dusk photo adds magic to the scene! Looks like that’s a castle surrounded by an enchanted garden…

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