Last Rides for the Season

While Winter is fast approaching, many persons take to Central Park to have a wonderful experience on the world-famous carousel and horse-drawn carriages. There are large questions about the treatment of the horses, and I’m very much against the cruelty that has been shown to some animals, the horse-drawn carriage ride can make for a feeling that connects us to a romantic past, and there should be great kindness shown to the beings that help us relive that feeling. Just think of what our history would be without them. I quote a maxim by Eli Siegel, from his book “Damned Welcome, Aesthetic Realism Maxims,” #382 “The whole world is behind the idea that the word carriage means something which may be drawn by a horse.”

The carousel though, is all thumbs-up and I was moved to see so many people being affected and enjoying this great structure. It brought many moments back from my past.  However, I was glad to partake of history in the making for those taking some of the last rides of the Fall season. One reason the carousel thrills us is because it does beautifully what we want to do at any moment in our lives, it puts opposites together. The opposites of rest & motion and up & down for instance, stir us as we go round and round to the lively music. This I learned from my study of Aesthetic Realism, is what we all hope for in our own lives. Enjoy the shots. Click on one to start the slide show.

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