TriBeCa—A Place You Can Really Feel Old NYC

In this part of New York City you can still be brought back to a time of an older NY. A time and place where the great American author, James Fenimore Cooper lived and wrote on Beach St.  Yes, the neighborhood has and is still changing;  however, all around you are reminded of a past era. Cast-iron, red brick, cobblestones, irregular street layout, various architecture, mysterious, yet friendly alleyways—mingle with shops and restaurants of all kinds, and views of the beautiful Hudson River. The opposites of the past and present are stirringly felt and will thrill you.

New York has a great history and Eli Siegel, founder of Aesthetic Realism, honored it magnificently. That is why I am including a link to the journal The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known in which Mr. Siegel’s important lecture, “New York Begins Poetically” is being serialized.







4 Responses to “TriBeCa—A Place You Can Really Feel Old NYC”

  1. Enjoyed this – great to get beyond – ‘Lets Introduce Ourselves’

    Have a good friend in New York an artist and his wife is a broadcaster, I must send them the link.

    Thank you

  2. Harvey, really enjoyed this series! I love NY and have had the opportunity to visit a couple of times on business. Really need to go there for myself sometime and explore some of these areas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great. My brother recently showed-off a new park in TriBeCa called the High Line. It’s an old railroad spur that’s been turned into a park with numerous view of the old industrial community, which is fast becoming more upscale and, I think, residential.

  4. Beverly Burk Says:

    Harvey, I love this. It is pretty much in my old neighbor-hood. I love NYC. Lot of beautiful old builfings,.

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