Cityscapes II: NYC Graffiti & Wall Art

Wherever you live, chances are sooner or later that you are going to come upon some kind of graffiti or wall art.

Some of the wonderful sights in NYC are the many different kinds of graffiti and wall painting that we see all over the 5 boroughs. Unfortunately, some appear where they shouldn’t, but many times they are in just the right places, such as in areas that could use some added life. The artisans that create them are of varying skills and styles, yet when the work is done with the purpose of having a good effect on people, that’s just what it does. We are encouraged to see new possibilities where they may not have been seen. Some offer up social or political commentary, but more often than not they have a kind of humor that will put a smile on your face.

While these works are done on various surfaces, including brick and metal, they follow in a long tradition of some Italian Renaissance painters whose work was displayed outdoors in “A secco” painting done on dry plaster.

Here are some I found in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

Though these works will likely not be found in a museum any time soon, we are lucky to have them out there in the streets for all to discover and enjoy.

Hail Graffiti & Wall Artists!

PS. If you cannot discover any in your area you can be sure they are waiting for you here in NYC.


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