Window to Autumn in the Catskills

This post was written just before hurricane Sandy struck. I want to add my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who are working tirelessly to assist others in being safe and out of harm’s way. While we endured some of the hurricane’s wrath in lower Manhattan, it was nowhere near what many went through and are still up against. My support and good wishes are with you and hope that your situation improves quickly. The area I write about here in the Catskills may have been affected badly, and if so,  I believe it will return to its magnificent glory.

The Catskill Mountains know how to welcome Autumn with style, and this year was no exception. My wife Carol and I were lucky enough to have been in Greene County, Rip Van Winkle country, to have witnessed this great event. Our home base was the Rosehaven Inn in Haines Falls which led us to many historic and wonderful vistas including North-South Lake with views overlooking the Hudson Valley. There were also Tannersville, Prattsville, Kaaterskill Falls, Palenville, Hunter to name a few.

The important American writer, James Fenimore Cooper in his novel “The Pioneers” gave beautiful form to what one sees in this part of NY when he gave these words to Natty Bumpo speaking to his young friend by the water. “There’s a place in them hills that I used to climb to, when I wanted to see the carryings on of the world, that would well pay any man for a burked shin or a torn moccasin….”What do you see when you get there? asked Edwards. “Creation!” said Natty, dropping the end of his rod into the water, and sweeping one hand around him in a circle—“all creation, lad.”

To see photos of this pilgrimage click here.


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