Happy New Year!—Sunset on the East River

Here we are on the East River in NYC anticipating a beautiful sunset. And the Sun doesn’t disappoint. I am reminded that it’s the same world that gives us beautiful sunsets and horrific storms. These, I learned from Aesthetic Realism, are dramatic opposites. This area looks different since the storm but a sunset like this keeps it in perspective.


7 Responses to “Happy New Year!—Sunset on the East River”

  1. OMG Harvey, these are beautiful, amazing!

  2. marilyn & Gil Says:

    We consider these photos our first gift of the new year.
    Gil and I thank you both and wish you a wonderful 2013.
    Love, Marilyn & Gil

  3. Carol McCluer Says:

    Breathtaking! Thank you, Harvey!

  4. Beautiful photos as always. I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

    Leslie Segall

  5. Karen Van Outryve Says:

    Thank you Harvey: I agree with above–your photos are a gift, & your message about storms & sunsets in the same world is good to remember at this time. Thanks

  6. nasrin_torabi_pho@yahoo.com Says:

    Orange sky and shadows ! Neither grief nor joy, only peace! Thank you!

  7. Torching, glaring and shining; thanks Harvey, beautiful photos

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