Street or Urban Polo on the LES


On an overcast Sunday afternoon, while walking on the Lower East Side of NYC, I came upon a very unexpected site—an exciting game of Street Polo. This area of the city never ceases to surprise me. There were  4 players on a side and each player was totally into the sport. After watching it for some time I was surprised to find as a spectator, that so was I. You are  drawn in as you watch this action-paced sport. The opposites, I learned from Aesthetic Realism, like rest & motion, speed & slowness, precision & abandon were dramatically in play. I couldn’t help but admire the skill and agility of the players, both men & women, as they maneuvered their bikes around the court trying to score.

You may not find this version of Polo in the Olympics, but you sure will on the LES. And while this sport is played on bicycles, if you look closely you can imagine that you can see the horses! To see the gallery click here.


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