The Place That Time Didn’t Forget.


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On a recent visit with my wife Carol to Forest Park, where I spent many of my younger days with my family, graduation from Forest Hills High, and just hanging-out, a park with the largest Oak Woods in Queens, a park with concerts, a park with many different nationalities picnicking and having good fun, and a park with so much more including nature trails and an historic wooden Carousel that still thrills one just at seeing it. Primeval, yet with all the trappings of our century, Forest Park is one of the places that should not be missed. Designed by the creator of New York’s Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead, in 1890, he did another great service to our City.


After many years absence, I was struck by how beautiful this place really is. At times you might think you were in a land so far away from NYC that it will surprise you. My study of the education of Aesthetic Realism has encouraged me to see meaning in things that I once so took for granted. And I am so glad it did because as a photographer this is a rediscovered gem. The park is situated on a 20,000 year old glacier, and was once populated by many Native American Tribes, but is now part of Queens. I can assure you that Forest Park will leave you with rich memories that will be treasured.

For more information about Forest Park check-out their web site.



For more photos of the park click here.


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