Sleepy Hollow • Tarrytown Lighthouse


Nestled on the shores of the picturesque Hudson River, between the towns of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow (Washington Irving country), lies one of many New York State lighthouses—Sleepy Hollow • Tarrytown Lighthouse built in 1883. The lighthouse is about 32 miles going north from NYC, just past the historic Tappan Zee Bridge. It was once so important to navigation and commerce, but now it still sits proudly on the Hudson, and gives one the thrill of beholding it today. The lighthouse joins a colorful and rich history, and the ever so immediate present with the river and surrounding hills bearing witness. It illustrates, I learned from my study of Aesthetic Realism, what every person is hoping to do a better job with—understand how our own past and the immediacy of the present can be better seen. The Sleepy Hollow • Tarrytown lighthouse can encourage us to be more thoughtful about how to better relate these ever so important opposites of past & present in ourselves.






8 Responses to “Sleepy Hollow • Tarrytown Lighthouse”

  1. doris emmett Says:

    Beautiful shots! Love the history here.

  2. Rob Nichols Says:

    Harvey, Great Stuff….. I often wondered about that lighthouse. I live about an hour from the TappanZee Bridge. I often look over to the lighthouse when I am on the bridge headed home or to Cape Cod. I will be going up there in 3 weeks. I had to cancel two other trips up there this summer due to a injury I suffered on my deck. the first weekend in June I tore all three ligaments in my right ankle, dislocated the ankle and hairline fracture of my tibia. I am out of a walking boot now 1 week. I feel pretty good now i am in a brace on my ankle and my fracture seems to have healed in my leg. I hope to get over the the mass Bay Audubon, get some whale watch photos and maybe do a seal tour also.


    • Hi Rob, Wow, you’ve really endured something. I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend and can get about to take some good photos. Good luck on the whale watch. We took one some time back and it was great. Hope you get some good shots. Be in touch.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this lighthouse and history. – Clearwater, FL

  4. Loved the photos and the information, i love lighthouses and have photographed a few, you can see one of them here;

  5. Thanks Karen. You have some lovely shots of the lighthouse. I commented on them on your blog—a lovely relation of luminosity and mystery.

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