Back Into Time


As I stepped out of my apartment on the Lower East Side in Manhattan I was surprised to find myself asking what century was I in? Streets were transformed into the early 20th century, as the film produced by Steven Soderbergh, “The Knick,” was in the midst of being filmed. The presence of the past along with the present was thrilling and had me yearn somewhat for a time when horses were our best transportation, and Buffalo Bill was a star attraction.

How necessary it is to understand and see meaning in the past is written of by Ellen Reiss in her stirring commentary to TRO #1393, “History: Our Friend.” She writes:

“Eli Siegel said in this lecture [Poetry and History], ‘No person can understand himself who is not interested in history.’ We need to see ourselves as related to the past — and not in any vague way: to the facts, happenings, feelings which people real as ourselves had about love, food, money, religion, land, relatives, fun, and their own past. Aesthetic Realism explains that the most hurtful thing in self is to see ourselves as not related to other things and people. The more civilized we are, and intelligent, the more we see ourselves as related to, and the more deeply we see our relation.”

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2 Responses to “Back Into Time”

  1. Barry and Janine Says:

    Great pictures Harvey, Barry.

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