A Winter’s Tale—Warwick, NY 2014


(Click photos to enlarge.)

While most of us are tired of dealing with snow and look forward to warmer days, it’s good to be reminded that winter also has a special kind of beauty to be found at no other time of year. On my recent visit to Warwick, NY I discovered dramatic and vivid scenes everywhere I looked. Warwick is beautiful anytime of year with its rich “Black Dirt” that produces some of the best farm products in the country, as well as being known for its horses. But today the snow took center stage with a magical kind of light that only winter has.


When I returned home and began to process the photo directly above taken at the Warwick Valley Winery, I was struck by how much I was affected by it.  So much so that I brought it to a monthly workshop for visual artists that I look forward to and have a great time in:  The Critical Inquiry, taught at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation by painter and consultant, Dorothy Koppelman.

In this workshop artists are encouraged to look critically at their own work and those of fellow-artists, using as our basis this ground-breaking principle stated by Eli Siegel in 1955: “All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.”

In a discussion about my photo, Mrs. Koppelman commented on the juxtapostion of the two dark bottles on the right and the translucent bottle on the left, and said: “There is mystery here, a story of things being hidden and shown, a relation of proud transparency and snuggling hiddenness is something you’re dealing with.” And she asked: I imagine you’re like other people in having these opposites in yourself?”

“Yes, they are!”   I was thrilled seeing that the dramatic opposites of hidden and shown, which, as photographer I was trying to give form to in this still life, are the same opposites that as a person, I hope to do a better job with.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the meaning of winter, photography and oneself.


To see more images of Warwick Winter visit my web site.
To learn more about Aesthetic Realism visit their website.


6 Responses to “A Winter’s Tale—Warwick, NY 2014”

  1. doris emmett Says:

    The pictures are beautiful and so accurately depict the pristine beauty of Winer and (abundant) snow. I also love the theory of “opposites”…sounds quite intriguing.
    I took similar shots up in Jay, N.Y. & Richford & Burlington, Vermont. The snarkiness of winter in these northern parts offers some really soul searching photo ops. Again…this was a wonderful treat!

  2. Love your photos. There is something else that caught my attention with the theory of opposites. The cold bitter of winter while the bright sunshine warms the scene. I also checked out the other photos and love the one with the Apple Jack. Can I use any of these photos?

    • Thank you Randy, you are so right about the opposites of the cold bitter of winter and the warmth of the sunshine. The opposites are in everything including us. Yes, let me know which of the photos you need and if you need a higher res, let me know also.

  3. Hi Harvey – I guess I’m too literal and a realist – so in your opposites I see the following: I want the snow hidden (first day of Spring and we received 3″ in Southern Maine) and I was the Spring flowers to show up! Love your photography. Best, Susan

    • Hi Susan, I’ll bet you want the snow to go away! So do we, but I believe Maine had it a lot worse. Come Spring flowers…Thanks for your comment and remember one of the reasons Spring is so beautiful, along with all the magnificent color, is the relation of warmth & coolness in the air. I also want to mention that your blog is simply delicious! Take care.

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