Greek Independence Day—A Day To Remember


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It may have been a chilly overcast day this past Sunday at The Greek Independence Day Parade in NYC, but from the expressions of pride & joy, along with an unquenchable energy parading up 5th Avenue, you would have thought the Sun God Apollo was in full force. It was a real pleasure to be at this event along with my wife Carol, and be affected by the many paraders and spectators who came to esteem a people and their cultural history, that not only honors Greece but has had, and continues to have, a profound & everlasting effect on Western Civilization and the whole world. As I thought about the meaning of this day, the translation by poet and philosopher Eli Siegel, of an important Greek poem written thousands of years ago, kept coming to mind called “At Thermopylae, By Simonides of Ceos.” (Click link to read entire poem with comment)

O stranger, tell the Lacedaemonians
That we lie here, true to their laws.

I am stirred as I read these lines to think about what these courageous men fought & died for enable us today to live in the midst of a democracy. I believe we owe them and ourselves to be true to this early beautiful idea.







4 Responses to “Greek Independence Day—A Day To Remember”

  1. Ken Kimmelman Says:

    Hi Harvey,

    It’s all Greek to me! I particularly like the top photo very much–that going forward and the looking back, encircled by the banner logo, and the relation of the colors in general–the reds, whites, and blues!

    Good work!


  2. doris emmett Says:

    Beautiful shots!

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