July 4th Celebration 2014 on the East River NYC


While people lined the shores of the East River & New York Harbor at sunset the grand celebration was preparing to begin. And it was done with style! As the sun set, the darkened sky and the Brooklyn Bridge were aglow. New York & The Brooklyn Bridge welcome back the Macy’s grand fireworks celebration, and I’m so glad I was there. (Click photos to enlarge.)



To view more photos click on this link


6 Responses to “July 4th Celebration 2014 on the East River NYC”

  1. Harvey,

    These are far and away the finest views of fireworks I’ve ever seen–particularly Nos. 1, 2, 4, 6, and 10. The television cameras hinted at their grandeur, but you capture the fine detail, beauty, and imagination. The combination of weightlessness and import, delicacy and power, science and art are everywhere, from the solid fountains on the deck spouting plumes of light, to the colors cascading from the same deck, to traceries in air. These are among the shows of earth to be cherished.


  2. Harvey,
    I don’t think one can add much to John’s comment, well said John; so I’ll just say “spectacular”!

  3. Dudley Danielson Says:

    Like dynamite those pictures are. Shakes the soul. Yes!

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