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To An Old Friend

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If inanimate objects could talk what might they say? As one who often photographs in Williamsburg, I could not help but see how this area is changing, and imagining what two of the most prominent Brooklyn icons might say to each other if they could.

Willie B: Well my old friend, we’ve both been around for a long time, me since I opened in 1903 have seen a lot of water under the bridge.

[fmr] Domino Sugar Plant: You sure have, and I can’t count how many cars and people have crossed you. Look at me, I’ve been at this location since 1882. I was the largest sugar refinery in the world. Sugar is not so popular these days, but at one time you just couldn’t get enough of it. Look at me now—many of my buildings were torn down. And I’m being converted into many different things, from condos, stores, who knows? I too, have seen a lot of time pass in this part of the world, and valued your friendship all these years. Remember I saw you grow up. Well I guess I’ll still be useful in some way, but I miss the good old days!

Willie B: I am sorry to see you go my friend, but glad you’ll still be around in some form. I, too, value your friendship and the time we’ve spent watching over Manhattan, Brooklyn & the East River. For as long as I’m here I’ll keep an eye on you and never forget you. We were both fortunate to have made our mark on history and be linked together forever in time.


Sunset Over the Former Domino Sugar Plant—2014

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“He used to say that he never felt the hardness of the human struggle or the sadness of history as he felt it among those ruins. He used to say, too, that it made one feel an obligation to do one’s best.” —Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark


July 4th Celebration 2014 on the East River NYC

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While people lined the shores of the East River & New York Harbor at sunset the grand celebration was preparing to begin. And it was done with style! As the sun set, the darkened sky and the Brooklyn Bridge were aglow. New York & The Brooklyn Bridge welcome back the Macy’s grand fireworks celebration, and I’m so glad I was there. (Click photos to enlarge.)



To view more photos click on this link

Sunset Over Queens, NY

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The historic Queensborough-59th Street Bridge sets the stage for a dramatic scene.


Manhattanhenge 2013

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Manhattanhenge from Park Ave. & 32nd St. A city phenomenon that only happens seldom during the year, where the Sun is aligned in such a way that you can see it set close to the Horizon from the opposite side of town.Manhattanhenge

Next to the last NYC Snowfall 2013

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Some last fun photos of a tough winter with a hopefully picturesque spring.










Happy New Year!—Sunset on the East River

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Here we are on the East River in NYC anticipating a beautiful sunset. And the Sun doesn’t disappoint. I am reminded that it’s the same world that gives us beautiful sunsets and horrific storms. These, I learned from Aesthetic Realism, are dramatic opposites. This area looks different since the storm but a sunset like this keeps it in perspective.

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