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An Overcast Day in New York Harbor

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On a recent day-trip with the Audubon Water Taxi in NY I had the opportunity to see some of NY Harbor that I hadn’t seen. Unfortunately the weather was more overcast than I would have hoped for, however it did make for a kind beauty all the same. Along with a sense of mystery, there was a stillness that went hand in hand with a slow kind of motion that was very taking. I hope I captured some of that feeling in these photos. Also there were the local residents, one of which greeted us, which you don’t often get a glimpse of. I was reminded of a maxim by Eli Siegel from his book “Damned Welcome“, that encouraged me as I looked about. “If anything can please you, don’t narrow the field.”







Sunset Over Queens, NY

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The historic Queensborough-59th Street Bridge sets the stage for a dramatic scene.


Two Historic Places by the Sea

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Massachusetts lays claim to many historic ocean destinations in New England. 

Two that I recently visited were—Hull, overlooking Boston Harbor; and Nantucket Island, once the whaling capital of the world. Even though they have changed over the years, they still call to a time not so long ago, where a love for the sea was a way of life. You can sense that everywhere you look in the picturesque landscapes that are all around. The opposites of past & present and near & far, I learned from Aesthetic Realism, are ever so close to one as you see new meaning in the not-so-distant past of the 18th & 19th centuries. I highly recommend a visit to these wonderful locations. You’ll be glad you did.

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Sleepy Hollow • Tarrytown Lighthouse

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Nestled on the shores of the picturesque Hudson River, between the towns of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow (Washington Irving country), lies one of many New York State lighthouses—Sleepy Hollow • Tarrytown Lighthouse built in 1883. The lighthouse is about 32 miles going north from NYC, just past the historic Tappan Zee Bridge. It was once so important to navigation and commerce, but now it still sits proudly on the Hudson, and gives one the thrill of beholding it today. The lighthouse joins a colorful and rich history, and the ever so immediate present with the river and surrounding hills bearing witness. It illustrates, I learned from my study of Aesthetic Realism, what every person is hoping to do a better job with—understand how our own past and the immediacy of the present can be better seen. The Sleepy Hollow • Tarrytown lighthouse can encourage us to be more thoughtful about how to better relate these ever so important opposites of past & present in ourselves.





NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour

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The many sounds and sights that surrounded the NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour, while passing through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, made this day a very special one. There were the loud and rhythmical drums which drew me toward Kent Ave. where I met an ongoing flow of cyclists from around the world enjoying the course ahead. The helmets were creative, sporting a lobster, brass horns, sparklers, and many other imaginative objects. They rode as teams and also as individuals, couples, old and young, and were being cheered by people enjoying the spectacle from the sidelines. Brooklyn sure welcomed them with style and I was glad to be there.





Happy New Year!—Sunset on the East River

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Here we are on the East River in NYC anticipating a beautiful sunset. And the Sun doesn’t disappoint. I am reminded that it’s the same world that gives us beautiful sunsets and horrific storms. These, I learned from Aesthetic Realism, are dramatic opposites. This area looks different since the storm but a sunset like this keeps it in perspective.

Summer’s End In Maine Continued

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Fall has just arrived and Summer in Maine is fading, however the memories do not. Here are some more photos of this great state, including one from a close neighbor, Campobello Island, Canada. (Click to enlarge.)



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